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Terms and Conditions For Gaming Promotions

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‘Twas the month before Christmas Draw – Trade Promotion


(1) This promotion is the “T’was the month before Christmas ”.
(2) The promoter is Greyhound Racing SA Limited (ABN 39094569525) (“GRSA”), of 55 Cardigan Street, Angle Park, SA.
(3) The promotion runs each trading day at McQueen’s Tavern, from 4th of November 2022 up to 5.00pm on 18th of December 2022, a total of 45 days.
(4) All advertising material, including promotion information, entry instructions and prizes, including these Terms and Conditions of Entry (in full or in part), form a part of the conditions of entry.
(5) The advertising material includes A3, A4 and A5 size posters and fliers distributed within the licenced premises that is McQueen’s Tavern; SMS text messages to the list of members contacts held by McQueen’s Tavern; and, social media platforms where McQueen’s Tavern posts content.
(6) These terms and conditions are in addition to the Product Disclosure Statement and terms and conditions for the MaxeTAG/Card membership program, being for the MaxeTAG Doorman device the property of Global Gaming Industries.


(7) The prize pool for the duration of the promotion is approx. $2950 AUD.
(8) The prize pool is available by two methods: the barrel prize draw; and, Doorman instant prizes (see explanations below).


(9) By entering into, and thereby participating in this promotion, the entrant agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of entry.
(10) By entering into, and thereby participating in this promotion, the entrant agrees to participate in any reasonable publicity or advertising that GRSA may request, including photographs and use of the entrant’s image on GRSA promotional material, both online and in print.
(11) Non-acceptance of any of the terms and conditions of entry will void any entry to the promotion.
(12) Application of, and decisions within, the terms and conditions, rests with the licensee of McQueen’s Tavern, or their delegate.


(13) Entry to the promotion is open to current members of the McQueen’s Tavern MaxeTAG program; and, who possess the McQueen’s Tavern MaxeTAG electronic tag (“MaxeTAG members”). Membership to the McQueen’s Tavern MaxeTAG program is free and can be applied for at McQueen’s Tavern. The MaxeTAG electronic tag will be issued upon acceptance of a valid membership application.
(14) Once an eligible MaxeTAG member, the cost to enter the promotion is free.
(15) MaxeTAG membership and its benefits are not transferrable to another person.
(16) Persons under the age of 18-years; employees of GRSA and officers of companies associated with this promotion or MaxeTAG; and, all respective family members, are ineligible to enter the promotion.


(17) To enter the promotion, current MaxeTAG members, and who possess their MaxeTAG electronic tag, must register their tag electronically with the machine named the “Doorman”, located at the entry to the McQueen’s Tavern gaming room.
(18) Entrants can register their MaxeTAG a maximum of once per day for the duration of the promotion.


(19) Once registered, the entrant will receive a printed entry document. The entrant must then place the printed entry document into the draw barrel, located in the McQueen’s Tavern bistro area.
(20) Entrants can only enter the barrel prize draw once per day, for each day of the promotion.
(21) The value of the barrel prize draw is $250 AUD being three (4) prizes –
(a) $100 eftpos/gift card,
(b) $50 eftpos /gift card,
(c) $50 eftpos /gift card,
(d) $50 eftpos/gift card.
(22) The prizes will be available for pick up upon completion of Draw. The winner must arrange pick-up from McQueen’s Tavern.
(23) The barrel prize draw will take place at 6.00pm on 18th December 2022.
(24) Entrants will win the prize draw if their entry is drawn from the barrel first, by the promoter.
(25) The drawing of the entry is by chance.
(26) Should an entry be invalid by reason of these terms and conditions; illegible or otherwise of a condition such that the promoter cannot identify the entrant, that entry will become void and a subsequent entry will be drawn, until a winning entry is identified.
(27) The winner of the barrel prize draw will be notified at the time of winning, if they are present for the draw; and also, advertised on the McQueen’s Tavern website and Facebook page from 22nd December 2022.
(28) In the event the prize is not claimed by the winning entrant within three (3) months of the advertisement on 22nd December 2022, the entry will be void and the prize will lapse.
(29) Once registered, the entrant will also be eligible to receive instant prizes from the Doorman.
(30) Winners will be selected by the Doorman, from an entrant pool of the first 120 entrants to register with the Doorman, for each day of the promotion (“Doorman prize draw”).
(31) The drawing of each entry is by chance.
(32) For each day of the promotion, for the Doorman prize draw, the prize categories are:
(a) Each of six (6) vouchers for $5.00 credit towards food and beverages at McQueen’s Tavern;
(b) Each of three (3) vouchers for $10.00 credit towards food and beverages at McQueen’s Tavern; and,
(33) The value of the Doorman prize draw is $60.00 per day for the duration of the promotion.
(34) An entrant is eligible to win one of each of the Doorman prizes in each prize category, per day.
(35) Wining entrants for the Doorman prize draw have seven (7) days from the date of the winning entry to claim the prize. In the event the winning entry is not claimed (redeemed), on the 8th day of that winning entry being drawn, the entry will be void and the prize will lapse.

Halloween Draw Winner – Margaret Phillis member number #2604